Providing a Lifeline: Adoption Solutions of Arizona as a Safe Haven Provider

In moments of crisis, when individuals find themselves unable to care for a newborn, safe and confidential options become crucial. Adoption Solutions of Arizona steps forward as a beacon of hope, operating as a Safe Haven provider for infants up to 30 days old. In this blog post, we will explore the vital role of Adoption Solutions and the Arizona Safe Haven Law in offering a secure and anonymous way for parents to provide a better future for their child.

Safe Haven Provider: Adoption Solutions of Arizona
Adoption Solutions of Arizona is committed to creating a safe and private environment for parents facing the difficult decision of relinquishing their newborn. Situated in a secure office when we are available to help.  To utilize this service after-hours, individuals are need to call the after-hours number at 520-400-4775.

Arizona’s Safe Haven Law:
The Arizona Safe Haven Law provides a legal framework for parents or designated agents to leave a baby, up to 30 days old, with an on-duty staff member at Adoption Solutions, as well as with EMS providers, hospitals, or fire stations. The key benefit of this law is the guarantee of anonymity. Parents or agents are not required to answer any questions, providing a confidential and non-judgmental space for those in need.

National Safe Haven 24/7 Hotline:
For immediate assistance, the National Safe Haven 24/7 Hotline is available at 1-888-510-BABY (2229). This hotline connects individuals with professionals trained to guide them through the Safe Haven process and offer support. It serves as a national lifeline, ensuring that help is just a call or text away.

Emergency Situations:
In cases of emergency, it is crucial to call 911. Adoption Solutions of Arizona emphasizes the importance of prioritizing the safety and well-being of both the parent and the infant in any urgent situation.

National Safe Haven Program:
To learn more about the National Safe Haven program and its mission to provide a safe and legal alternative for parents in crisis, visit This resource offers valuable information about the program’s initiatives, success stories, and additional support services.

Adoption Solutions of Arizona stands as a compassionate and confidential Safe Haven provider, offering a lifeline to parents facing challenging circumstances. By adhering to the Arizona Safe Haven Law, this organization ensures that individuals can make this difficult decision without fear of judgment and with the reassurance that they are providing a chance for their child to have a loving and secure future. In times of crisis, Adoption Solutions of Arizona remains dedicated to being a beacon of hope, providing support and understanding to those in need. (1-520-400-4775)

Arizona’s Safe Haven Law allows you or a designated agent or friend to leave your baby, of up to 30 days old, with an on duty staff member at Adoption Solutions, EMS provider, hospital, or fire station.

A parent may remain anonymous and the Safe Haven provider will not require the parent or agent to answer any questions.

For immediate assistance, call or text National Safe Haven 24/7 Hotline: 1-888-510-BABY(2229) In case of emergency, call 911.  

For more information about the National Safe Haven program, go to

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